Agreement For A Fixed Term Of

Agreement For A Fixed Term Of

There may be a temptation for companies to associate temporary work with external financing – for example. B a contract or a public subsidy. Before we talk about the benefits, differences and termination of the fixed-term and indeterminate contracts, we will explain what these terms mean. A fixed-term contract is entered into, as the name suggests, for a fixed period of time. A year, for example. An indeterminate employment contract is concluded for an indeterminate period. In other words, this contract is not accompanied by an end date. The indeterminate contract is therefore often referred to as a «permanent contract.» The University of Exeter and the recognised trade unions have agreed on the application of fixed-term contracts: the benefits of fixed-term contracts include greater flexibility for employers and employees and the ability for a company to control budgets according to its staff requirements. Acting workers, apprentices and trainees are not considered temporary workers. In the case of temporary employment, the employee is not on the company`s salary list. However, the employer may offer permanent employment on this basis.

Temporary workers are treated in many respects in the same position as a permanent employee and enjoy benefits similar to those of exclusive parcels, protection against unfair dismissal and equal pay. Therefore, in order to maintain the transparency of the working relationship at both ends, it is very important that it be accompanied by legally binding documentation. Most of us (especially lawyers) love security. But experience tells us that there is nothing as uncertain as a sure thing. We often talk to employers who are tempted to use fixed-term contracts to ensure that both parties have the expiry date of the employment relationship. However, in the search for safety, the employer unknowingly moves into potential litigation. New Zealand law provides for the application of fixed-term contracts.

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