Cerner License Agreement

Cerner License Agreement

A. Names and logos. You cannot use or display Cerner`s trademarks, service marks or logos without Cerner`s express written permission. If Cerner chooses to include your Developed app in the Cerner App Gallery and you accept such a registration, you will grant Cerner a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the use of your logos and trademarks made available to Cerner for this purpose. In future, you may execute order documents with Cerner for additional licenses and services related to Cerner Ignite APIs that are subject to this Agreement. You guarantee and guarantee that you are at least 18 years old and have the right and opportunity to approve and respect this agreement. If you use Cerner Ignite APIs on behalf of a company (i.e. an application company), you state that you have complete and correct jurisdiction to act and bind on behalf of that agreement. 4.1. To develop Cerner™ MPages with Clinical Office: MPage Edition, your organization must have a valid developer license™ MPage and a web server that can host your Angular applications.

4.2. Up to 10 (ten) developers can actively use your Clinical Office: MPage Edition developer license, provided the license is used for the company and/or organization under license. Additional licenses can be purchased if you need more than 10 developer seats. 4.3. You can distribute any compiled angle application used by Clinical Office: MPage Edition. 4.4. You can distribute all or all of the CCL scripts included in your Clinical Office: MPage Edition, provided that these CCL scripts are distributed for the purpose of running an Office Clinic: MPage Edition Angular application. 4.5. You cannot distribute, resell or redevelop the Clinical Office: MPage Edition developer distribution pack. 4.6.

You cannot distribute, resell or redevelop Clinical Office: MPage Edition files in the folder NODE_MODULES of your Angular application, unless those files are part of a distribution package compiled for Angular applications. 4.7. Precision Healthcare Solutions can go wild at any time, at its sole discretion and unprecedented, for example. B to comply with laws or court injunctions, to avoid non-compliance or to provide updates and upgrades. C. Cerner Ignite APIs refer to all paternity works and other ip rights incarnations in all IPIs and related underlying technologies; and Cerner documentation that has been developed, conceded or acquired by Cerner to define how to launch, authorize, authenticate, record applications, share context, detect data service points through the use of applicable proprietary and/or FHIR service points, and be implemented such as medical applications and reusable technologies (SMART) that enable api-compatible with applicable solutions. References to Cerner Ignite APIs include both generally available APIs and additional APIs, provided this is specified in a command document between you and Cerner. 8.1. Precision Healthcare Solutions` responsibility for the creation, production or delivery of Clinical Office: MPage Edition for any damage caused by or in any way to your CLE license must not exceed the total amount of $99. 8.2. Precision Healthcare Solutions is in no way responsible for any consequential or indirect damage (including damage caused by loss of service, loss of service, data loss and others resulting from the use or inability to use Clinical Office: MPage Edition). LEGAL NOTE: Notwithstanding other licensing agreements or restrictions regarding or accompanying this technical data/computer software, the rights of DHMSM users for the use, modification, reproduction, disclosure, implementation or disclosure of this commercial technical data/computer software by contract No.


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