Us Bank Esign Consent Agreement

Us Bank Esign Consent Agreement

As part of your relationship with us, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to effectively manage your accounts. Our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to obtain your account documents. We have a legal obligation to give you certain «written» information about the world – that is,. You have the right to receive them on paper. However, with your prior approval, we can provide you with this information electronically. We also need your general approval to use electronic records and signatures throughout our relationship with you. Thus, before using our electronic services (as defined below), you must check and accept the conditions described below. If you receive online account statements, the termination allows you to send paper statements via the U.S. Postal Service or another courier. Depending on the specific Wells Fargo product, if you withdraw your consent, we may charge a higher or additional fee for that product or related services. Please respect the corresponding agreement for any costs. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. However, please note that revoking your consent may lead to termination: If you use an electronic service through one of our customers or use our devices, your registration may not be completed until you take further action.

When you register, we will inform you of the additional steps you need to take. If you take the necessary steps, it is a confirmation of your consent to the use of electronic records and signatures in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Consent: Your consent to receive notifications and electronic activity and our consent apply only to accounts that you have with us and that you set specifically for receiving electronic notifications, whether they exist now or in the future. Unless the law prohibits, you agree that we may consider notifications to all account holders if such notification is communicated to you in a manner provided for by this Agreement. Email Reception: We may send notifications to the email address or phone number you have set, post notifications on our website or send you notifications via our online banking service with the appropriate notifications, as far as current legislation allows.

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