Virginia Tech Roommate Agreement

Virginia Tech Roommate Agreement

Students who do not have a roommate can request that their room be converted into individual occupancy for the remainder of 2020-21. Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to approve or refuse applications if necessary due to occupancy conditions and/or concerns about occupancy management. If you decide to stay on campus or in a house or apartment during your years of study, chances are you have a roommate. Most students prefer a good experience with residents. An agreement between roommates can help with this good experience. Rent – The total monthly rent is «- and each roommate pays this amount each month to the landlord/manager of the dwelling. If a room change is contemplated due to a conflict with the roommates/suites, residents are expected to have started communicating directly to try to resolve the problem. This solution can be supported by the resident councillor or the head of the house, trained in communication and mediation of conflicts. These students are also assisted by RHL specialists, who can either assist existing situations or address them directly. In short, space change should not be seen as a default solution for a conflict, but as a step in the solution if solutions at a lower level are considered. Students can request a specific move to live with a privileged roommate or a more general room change if they do not have a roommate in mind. All roommates must sign and the date below for the official commitment of this agreement We, those who have signed, accept the conditions listed above: early termination of the lease – If a roommate leaves before the term of the tenancy is, the roommate is abandoned/ is not responsible for finding a replacement.

Housing and Residence Life has a program that allows returnees, students at least 18 years of age, to apply for a roommate in two residences, regardless of gender, gender, gender identity or sexual expression of students. Students must register to be assigned to this program. If you and a future roommate are interested in this option, please read the following information carefully and ask questions if necessary. Roommate conflict: The best way to avoid roommate conflicts is for roommates to proactively discuss expectations towards each other and common housing. This includes guests/visitors, expectations of privacy, cleanliness, common objects/food, etc. One of the best tools to avoid conflict is a roommate agreement. Students should enter into a roommate agreement in on-campus housing.

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